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At 24/7, we offer several managed and hosted communications solutions. There are several other names that are used to refer to hosted voice solutions such as hosted PBX, hosted VOIP, cloud VOIP, and cloud PBX; these names all refer to the same type of telecommunications system. With hosted voice, business VoIP telecommunications occur across the internet. A third-party internet service provider bears the responsibility of setting up, managing and maintaining the hosted voice solution. A virtual PBX is set up in the cloud which is used to route calls to and from your business; IP addresses in the virtual PBX are used to make the determination about where the calls are routed.

You have enough to worry about, stop trying to also run a mini phone company on the side. As your business VoIP provider, we take the keys from you and manage it all. No more hardware to support, and no more software to update! Let your us take the keys and you enjoy the ride!

Why Choose Hosted Voice

Reduce Business Costs

When using our hosted voice services, you no longer have to worry about buying the necessary hardware and software as all these are handled by us; this saves you lots of money. We also ensure that your system remains up to date by performing required updates and upgrades.

Consistency of Collaboration

With two data centers in Denver and Houston, we offer a 100% uptime guarantee as both our data centers exchange and share data such that the failure of one data center has little to no impact on the performance of your telecommunications system.

Set it and Forget it

You have the liberty to reallocate your resources to manage other aspects of your business as you see fit. A simple phone call is all that is needed for us to make any changes or updates to your telecommunications system; we are able to customize your system any way you want.


After a disaster, you can count on 24/7 Hosted Voice to ensure that your business VoIP system is up and running. We ensure that your system is fully redundant so that it is resilient against any form of disaster.

No Cisco? No Problem

Cisco, the leader in information technology, is unmatched in efficiency cutting edge design and overall desirability. If you don’t have Cisco or are interested in how you can equip your business with the best technology offered, we are here to help. We can outfit your business with the best-in-class collaboration solutions offered by Cisco. There’s no request too big or solution we can’t customize.

At 24/7 Hosted Voice, no request is too big or too small. Our hosted voice solutions are fully customizable to suit any business needs. In addition, we also offer outfitting services to set up your business with other Cisco technology, if you so desire. Contact us today for more information about our services.

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