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You have all the UC resources, we just manage it, allowing you to focus on business.


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Managed Voice Solutions

Your Virtual Employee

You already have the servers, switches, and licenses, why have staff manage it all when you can have us become your virtual employee at the fraction of the cost. We manage your VoIP Cisco Hosted Unified Communications system from top to bottom. Save money, time, and energy on managing your phones. Everything is secured with you, we just manage your UC system.

Why Choose Managed Voice?

You have the hardware

Stress Free Solution

It isn’t a matter of what will go wrong, it is a
matter of when. We give peace of mind to Unified
Communications. We specialize in system stability.
No more guess work! Stop juggling your business
and phones, we are here to customize your UC

Lower Costs

Having a full-time UC employee can be expensive. What if
you had a virtual employee that was available 24/7? An
employee that would never call in sick, go on vacation, or
would quit the company? Reallocate your current resources
and put them where they are needed most with our managed voice solutions.

Hidden Fees

Each month you pay per phone and per user.
There will be no surprise bills or fees that show
up unexpectedly. Need to increase or decrease
usage, not a problem. We work around your needs.
You only pay for what you are using, no more.


Making a change or an update has never been
simpler. We are available 24/7/365 providing consistent
solutions at any time. We have an integrated support
methodology the ensures you will always have dedicated
staff working you through any changes you may need.

No Cisco? No Problem

Cisco, the leader in information technology, is unmatched in efficiency cutting edge design and overall desirability. If you don’t have Cisco or are interested in how you can equip your business with the best technology offered, we are here to help. We can outfit your business with the best-in-class collaboration solutions offered by Cisco Hosted Unified Communications. There’s no request too big or solution we can’t customize.

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