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The Best UC Devices for the Best UC Systems

Collaboration is the hub of your business, why not invest in an easier-to-use business telephone system. Cisco VoIP Solutions provide communication options for any situation. 4-line phones, Executive style, and even conferencing phones are all available. Choose what best fits your needs.

UC Devices at your Fingertips

 Cisco 7821 Speakerphone

Basic User

Cost-effective, secure and easy to use, the Cisco 7821 delivers clear wideband audio for small to large businesses. A high-resolution grey scale display, dedicated fixed keys, and built in speakerphone streamlines communications..

Better Quality

High quality, secure and cost-effective, the Cisco 7841 is ideal for active communication needs throughout the office. The Cisco 7841 is perfect for employees, managers and administration, creating a streamlined Cisco VoIP solution.

Better Video Quality

From small to large businesses, the Cisco 8841 is a reliable,
secure and scalable communication solutions. Increase
productivity by handling multiple calls with each directory
number by using the multicall-per-line feature.

Best Video Quality

High definition communication that is secure and scalable!
The Cisco 8845 delivers 5-inch-wide screen VGA backlit
color display with two-way video. Place calls on hold, transfer
and conference calls with ease.

Conference Phone

Business telephone systems have never been so simple as they are with the Cisco 8832. High Definition audio performance allows all callers to experience clear calls without interruptions. The Cisco 8832 is completely scalable for organizations of any size.

Connect Anytime and Anywhere

Cisco Unity Connection

Increase your company collaboration with Cisco Unity
Connection. Unified messaging and voicemail solutions
provide flexible and simplistic messaging access options.
Access and manage messages from email, web browser,
Cisco Jabber, Cisco VoIP phone, smartphone or tablet

Cisco User Connect Licensing (UCL)

Options are endless with Cisco Unified Communication
licensing. Regardless of the business size, Cisco offers
a variety of software licensing options to meet any
customer's needs.

Cisco Jabber

Collaboration that is everywhere and anywhere you want it! Cisco Jabber delivers instant messages, voice and video messaging in real time. Create a full collaboration experience with staff and clients through desktop sharing, and conferencing. Cisco Jabber goes where ever you go with both mobile and desktop applications

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